John's platform

We need more after-school care!

I filmed this video in Orange Park one May morning at 5:52 a.m. showing the lengths to which our families sometimes need to go to sign up for child care. In fact, I myself was in this line — in 17th place after arriving about 2:45 a.m., By the time I got to the front, my daughter's school was already wait-listed.

Since I joined the Board two years ago, I have worked hard to expand our child care offerings, both in-district and working with partners such as the City of South San Francisco and the Boys and Girls Club.

If re-elected, I would continue that effort and work with our partners to find the space, staff, and licensing needed to expand our care options.


Other priorities


We need to make it a priority to upgrade our east-side schools!

The voters of the District approved Measure J in 2010 by a wide margin, but promised projects for some of our east-side schools have yet to come about. We need to complete promised upgrades to campuses such as Martin Elementary and Parkway Heights (which got a promised new field [above] eight long years later), and address aging infrastructure at Los Cerritos and Sunshine Gardens elementaries. The Superintendent and staff know these schools are my priority, and if re-elected, I will be there to encourage them to find ways to get upgrades done.


The District needs to be ready to adapt to development.

South San Francisco is facing a housing crisis. We are losing many families as the sky-high rents drive them out. We've faced declining enrollment as homeowners grew older and nests became empty. Now city leaders, to the delight of some and disgust of others, are finally addressing the issue by allowing more housing to be built. Whatever one's opinion is on the development, everyone agrees that the schools need to be ready for a changing, growing population. This means we need to ensure we have the capacity, both in terms of staff and structures to accommodate new students. If re-elected, I will ensure the District maintains a focus on preparing for the changing student population. 


We need to focus on our students' growth.

A Diploma is an achievement, but our schools need to offer much more. We want to ensure the best outcomes for our students. The greatest thing students can get from our schools isn't a piece of paper saying they graduated — the greatest thing they can get are the skills to thrive in today's (and tomorrow's) fast-paced society. Whether it's learning to code, learning to analyze cells, or learning to fix a radiator, it all starts with teaching critical thinking and not a "get a diploma and get out" attitude. If re-elected, I will make sure our schools don't fall into a "one size fits all" mentality and work to ensuring good outcomes, not outputs.